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It’s no secret CU will look much different next year.

We want your help to recreate campus life. Join the Sko Together challenge now to become a part of the solution.

What even is a Design Challenge?

A design challenge is a means by which projects are initiated to develop innovative solutions to a complex problem. Design challenges are made up of phases to guide participants through the design… read more

Do you have an example of what you’re looking for?

A design challenge is all about building original, creative solutions to a driving question. We don’t want to give you an idea and limit your ideas to the narrow box we create… read more

So how can I join this thing?

Registration for the Sko Together Challenge will begin July 20th and be open until July 23th. Registration will be as simple as giving us some contact information and the beginnings of your idea… read more

Win Gift Cards and Funding Money!

First place will receive university funding toward implementing their plan in the fall semester, along with faculty help and gift cards that can be used for whatever they want!

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