The Sko Together Challenge

The Sko Together Challenge is a student-led challenge that invites CU Boulder undergraduate students to imagine ways that we can have a connected campus community experience no matter how we are living, learning, and working through a pandemic. The driving question of this initiative is: How might we creatively use our resources to support meaningful connections within our campus community while physically distancing? In other words: What does a socially distanced, yet socially connected, solution look like? This challenge is designed for undergraduate students, by undergraduate students. 

How will the Challenge Work?

The Sko Together Challenge will follow the general structure of a design challenge – virtually, over Zoom. It will take place over the course of one week: July 26th-August 2nd. The challenge will begin with the Inspiration Phase where participants will discuss the problem. In the Ideation Phase, groups will brainstorm ideas. Groups’ final submissions will present their ideas in the format of their choice. The Sko Together Challenge Team will be available throughout each phase of the challenge to act as facilitators. As this challenge is designed and executed by undergraduate students, it will also be judged by fellow undergraduate students.

Challenge Timeline

What will a winning idea look like?

A winning idea is one that answers the challenge’s question. We know that’s vague, and that’s on purpose! We want to leave the submission guidelines as open as possible so that your creativity can really show. There are no regulations on your final submission format. It can be a video, a PowerPoint, an infographic, a live presentation – anything you can think of! No restrictions, no rules. One thing we do ask is to make sure your idea S.O.A.R.s: that it is Sustainable, Original, Achievable, and Realistic. Overall, creativity and originality is encouraged at all stages of the Sko Together Challenge! We have a diverse set of minds at CU and it’s time to show it.

What can I win?

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will be awarded gift cards, along with funding to make their idea a reality. Teams will receive support from a campus implementation mentor and a personal meeting with Career Services to make sure this awesome experience looks great on their resume!

Who can join?

Do you have an idea for making campus feel like home despite the challenges that may come with social distancing? Then you can join! In fact, any CU Boulder Undergraduate is welcome to join. While we particularly encourage CU Boulder Arts & Sciences Undergrads to participate, any CU Undergrad from any college or major on campus is welcome. You can join no matter your background, interests, or level of experience. Diverse perspectives foster the unique and innovative ideas important to the success of this challenge! We want your voices heard.

I want to join! What now?

That’s great! We are so excited you want to participate in the Sko Together Challenge. Registration is open between July 20th and ends on July 23rd. Begin thinking about what ideas you may have, and about the people you might want to work with. You are not required to have a group, but you do have the option of being paired with one or creating your own of up to 3 people! When you’re ready, fill out our registration form to be entered in the challenge and get some cool prizes.

Do I already need to have an idea when I join?

Nope! You are welcome to sign up regardless of whether or not you already have an idea. In fact, the whole challenge is centered around creating one. No existing idea is required to participate; only creativity and enthusiasm!

Information about Judging: