Judging Process and Prizes

How Will the Judging Process Work?

We have a separate, diverse team of three student judges who will score submissions! Scoring will take place in two rounds of judging. Each round will be judged by the same rubric. View the rubric here.

Round 1: Initial Scoring

In this initial round of scoring, all submissions will be scored. Congratulations! Everyone has made it to the first round! In this round, judges will use the rubric to score each submission out of thirty points in the three categories mentioned in the rubric. Also in this round, judges will provide feedback on submissions regardless of score. Even if you don’t make it to the second round of scoring, we’ll send you this valuable feedback so you can learn from it! In this phase of scoring, you will not be in contact with the judges.

Round 2: Zoom Q&A

The judges will choose the top 6 teams from the initial round to move onto the final scoring round! On August 4th, between 5:00-6:30pm, these top 6 teams will have the opportunity to meet with the judges for a ten minute Zoom chat. This is not another pitch, so do not feel the need to create all new material for this meeting! This Zoom chat will be facilitated by one of the Sko Together team members and will give the judges the opportunity to ask questions about your submission to better understand your idea! Can’t make these times? Don’t worry, we’ll accommodate you or your team should you make it to the final round!

How will prizes be awarded?

1. Visa Gift Cards

The first place team will receive $200 worth of gift cards to be split amongst team members as they desire. The second place team will win $150 worth of gift cards. The third place team will win $100 worth of gift cards. This money does not have to be used for implementation; it is for the winners to use on whatever they want!

2. Career Services Meeting

The top three teams will have the opportunity to meet with Career Services in a personal meeting. In this meeting, Career Services staff will help the winners articulate this amazing experience on their resume! Even if you don’t place in the top three teams, you are still welcome and encouraged to add this experience to your resume!

3. Funding to make your idea happen

Unlike the previous two prizes that are only available to winners, ALL teams are eligible for funding from the judges! The judges are allotted funding money to distribute to teams at their discretion. Note, however, that the top three teams are the only ones guaranteed funding money (if the idea requires funding). Each team may receive different amounts of funding based on how much their idea may need. Although funding amounts are ultimately up to the judges, faculty will help them determine parameters and total funding to award teams with.