Our Judges

Our judges were tasked with the extremely difficult job of narrowing down our large pool of wonderful ideas from students to just the top three! Each from the College of Arts and Sciences, our judges volunteered multiple hours of their time to critique every single one of our submissions, and later Zoom interview the top six teams following initial scoring. After those online interviews, they had the pressing task of choosing the top three teams to be awarded implementation money for the Fall. In addition to the three winning ideas, the judges also chose to award teams who showed exceptional effort or promise in their ideas that did not make it to the final round.

This challenge could not have happened without them!

Meet the Judges

Cinthia Verenisse

Hello buffs! My name is Cinthia Verenisse, I am a Psychology and Sociology double major. I love hiking and adventuring in our beautiful state. This experience has shined light on the unity, kindness, and genius community we are surrounded with on campus, I am so proud of every team for keeping in mind diversity, inclusivity, and the wellbeing of every buff during this pandemic!

Katie Zhou

Hi my name is Katie and I am an incoming sophomore studying IPHY. I enjoy hiking, skiing, and hanging out with friends. From the Sko Together experience, I learned that there many people who care and have great ideas in how to build a greater community and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.
Thank you for this opportunity!

Jennifer Morales

Hi, my name is Jennifer. Some of my interests include going to concerts and drawing. I really enjoyed being part of this challenge because i got to hear a lot of great ideas from awesome students!