The Winners

With over 50 participants and 20 teams, the judges received a plethora of original, innovative, and inclusive ideas! Judged on three criteria (how inclusive the idea is, how realistic the idea is, and how well it answers our driving question), many of our student submissions earned stellar marks. It was truly a tough process to narrow down to the top three teams.

In the end, judges had to make decisions, and on August 5th at 12:00pm, our three winners were finally announced!

The Winning Ideas:

While we’ll provide some short descriptions* of the ideas here, we want to leave room for the teams and ideas to speak for themselves! In the coming weeks, these innovative students will meet with the appropriate faculty to get their plans off the ground. As plans come to fruition in the Fall, expect to see updates from us on here, and to hear from the teams in other places on campus as well!

*Descriptions are taken from winners’ presentations

The Third Place: An Online Arcade

By Emma Goodwill and Ishika Patel

Coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg, a Third Place is any anchor of community outside of home and work. A thriving third place sees spontaneous relationships between people of different backgrounds. We want Buffs to have a third place to be themselves.

The Third Place is an online arcade and social platform. The low-stakes, comfortable arcade environment inspires Buffs to roam, challenge themselves, bond, and ultimately, play. Join us to ensure our community stays content, connected, and COVID-free!

More Than Ramen

By Marie Obermeier, Robin Tutchton and Lily-Page Hartwell

Through our proposed online platform we can share our favorite dishes, our best failures, our most creative solutions with what we have left in the fridge and even family recipes. While we can’t be standing next to each other, we can share the warmth of cooking and the joy of a decent meal with our neighbors, classmates and community. Our platform connects us to students day to day by encouraging interest in a common activity everyone does, all day long. More Than Ramen will highlight the diversity of CU’s students as we all have our own palettes!

Zoom Dinner Party

By Ryan Block and Josh Sun

There’s been a lot of questions floating around coming into this academic year: How will I meet new people next year? How will I get to make friends if we’re supposed to be socially distanced? How will I feel like a part of the CU community even if I’m not on campus?

Zoom Dinner Party is a way to have safe, virtual conversations over Zoom with a stranger and potential friend at CU. Imagine: Two people asking each other questions, connecting in a way that would otherwise be impossible. Zoom Dinner Party will be a way to answer all of these questions and help create a better campus community.

News: The Zoom Dinner Parties are Now Underway!