What are the Sko Together Dinners?

With the limitations of social distancing, how can we continue to create personal connections within our CU community? Welcome to Sko Together Dinners, a safe and inclusive virtual space where undergraduate students can develop intimate connections in small group settings through the platform of Zoom.  Skip over small talk through recommended conversational questions that allow you to go as deep or shallow as you’d like. Created by students Ryan Block and Josh Sun as a part of the Sko Together Challenge, the dinners were one of the winning student teams that received funding to make their idea happen.

How will the Sko Together Dinners work?

Each dinner will be hosted on Zoom by undergraduate co-hosts who will issue guiding questions for the session, based around the weekly theme. For example, Week One’s theme will fittingly be “Beginnings”. The hosts will give two questions, one surface level and one deeper that participants may chose from or answer both. Each dinner will be 30 minutes long and participants will randomly be broken into breakout rooms of two students each to answer the questions and get to know one another over their food of choice! These dinners provide a great opportunity to meet a stranger and make a quick friend, even if you aren’t on campus! Either party may leave at any time if they feel uncomfortable, and hosts will be available if any participant is reported to have broken the house rules!

Why should I join a Sko Together Dinner?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Boulder campus has looked very different this semester. Classes are online or are socially distanced, everyone must wear a face mask when on campus, and resident halls have stricter rules surrounding guests. Following these new rules, there are many worries about being able to meet and connect with other students, one of the main parts of the college experience. The Sko Together Zoom Dinners offer a safe alternative to meet other undergraduate students, one-on-one and mask free! At each dinner all participants will be entered in the door prize drawing. Three randomized door prize winners will each receive a $20 dollar gift card! Make some new friends, eat some great food, and — just maybe — win a prize!

How do I sign up?

To prevent Zoom Bombing, we ask that all participants sign up for the dinner. There are unlimited slots in the Zoom Dinner session and you’ll automatically be entered to win the 20 dollar gift card door prize at the end of the dinner!

When participating, remember to follow our House Rules!